Halloween Activities Line-Up

Participate in GameSpot's Hallowen Activities to receive profile points and a Halloween 2012 emblem!

We've got our Halloween activities lined up this month, but who knows, maybe we'll have some others as we get closer to the end of the month!

Type: Scavenger Hunt
Earn 200 profile points.

Endless Ranks of the Undead
Type: Guessing Game
Earn 200 profile points.

ClapTrap Costume Contest
Type: Design a costume for ClapTrap
Earn 200 profile points.

GameSpot Pumpkin Carving Challenge
Type: Share a photo of your freshly carved pumpkin.
Earn 200 profile points.

BONUS! If you participate in at least two of the Halloween contests you'll receive a Halloween 2012 emblem for your profile! To find out other ways to earn some bonus profile points, drop by this week's User Reward Challenge.

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DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

If you're having problems with the Endless Ranks of the Undead game you're welcome to PM me for hints. 


Well i already participated in two of them and trust me the guessing one is a challenge, but I nailed it! The ClapTrap costume making is cool :)


It seems that this year's Halloween activities are more challenging than last year's especially Endless Ranks of the Dead. I did the best I can on the two activities I participated, and pray that I receive an emblem for my efforts.