GTA and GTA 2 rated for PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP

A digital release on the PlayStation Store could be in the works for classic PlayStation 1 titles.


The first Grand Theft Auto and its sequel GTA 2 have been rated by the ESRB for the PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP.

Grand Theft Auto was released for the PlayStation 1 in 1997, and featured 2D graphics and a top-down perspective. Its sequel was released in 1999. The latter game was rated as T, whereas the original received an more restrictive M rating.

The listings suggest an upcoming digital release for the titles via PlayStation Store. PlayStation 2 titles Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories are all currently on the PlayStation Store, alongside Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the PSP.

Rockstar has previously released GTA and its sequel for free on the PC.

The newest entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17. New trailers for the game were released yesterday.


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