Groupees Holiday Helpings Charity Bundle!

Groupees and GameSpot have teamed up to offer a Holiday Helpings Charity Bundle! Every $1 donated means one meal for the hungry.


Time for a very special holiday bundle!

We've teamed up with and are proud to present to you our Holiday Helpings Game, Music, Comic & Charity Bundle!

You can create your custom bundle by choosing from over 10 artists, 10 games, and a graphic novel collection to create the perfect assortment of awesome gaming splendor.

And if cheap games weren't enough, every $1 donated equals one meal for the hungry, in coordination withe the UN Food Program.

Games included in this promotion are: QUBE, Driftmoon, Blood of the Werewolf, Gateways, Gentlemen!, Avernum: Escape from the Pit, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Dr Who: The Adventure Games, 9.03m, and Draw a Stickman: Epic.

The bundle also features a selection of music from popular artists like: Moby, SOJA, Paul Oakenfold, Yuna, Celldweller,

And FUBAR! The graphic novel series, which is a New York Times Best seller.

All of the artists and game developers involved with this have promised awesome bonuses for the fans if the campaign reaches its fundraising goal. So check in and help make a difference.



Congrats you got my money did some research picked up 3 games and the fubar graphic novel collection for $2. Good deal and still have the mystery box as well if 100,000 meals reached. My game choices was Q.U.B.E., Avernum escape from the pit and Driftmoon. Might gift the same 4 items to my sister for Christmas already sent her 2 graphic novels.


The only thing that has my interest is Fubar nothing else interest me can I just donate a $1 for Fubar only?