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Gran Turismo 6 - Review in Progress

I wanna go fast!

Gran Turismo 6 is nearly upon us, and I've been racing around classic tracks like High Speed Ring and new additions like Brands Hatch for a few days now. So far, I've been having a blast. But while I'd love to give you a full verdict on the game, GT6 has fallen pray to the dreaded day-one patch, meaning the multiplayer, online community features, and microtransaction features of the game aren't yet available, as well as other as-yet-unnamed tweaks. That said, I still want to give keen racers out there some idea of my experience so far with Polyphony Digital's latest simulation.

GT6 makes a highly polarizing first impression, offering excitement with one hand and taking it away again with the other. For the first time in a GT game, you're dropped into the action immediately with a single test lap at Brands Hatch in a swift Renault Clio RS to give you a feel for the handling. Unfortunately, this one lap is the most fun I had in the first 90 minutes.

After a positive start, GT6 immediately falls back into the series' bad habits by forcing you to drive the incredibly slow, incredibly dull Honda Fit for over an hour. You aren't given any choice over your first Career mode car, and credits are handed out dreadfully slowly at the beginning of the game. That means you can't afford to replace the Fit for some time, so you have to wait until the game gifts you a new car at the end of the first set of Career events--and when you are given the car, it's only a go-kart. This whole sequence leaves you crying out for better machinery and is only going to make newcomers to GT wonder what all the fuss is about when other racing games put you behind the wheel of a sports car within minutes.

Here's where I would talk about the touchy subject of microtransactions, but they aren't going to be enabled until launch. What I can say, though, is that while buying your way to the top certainly will be possible in GT6, at this stage it doesn't look like the ability to do so has had a detrimental effect on the way the the game works, nor are the microtransactions pushed upon you during play.

Once you're through the slog of the first 90 minutes, the credits and cars arrive much more quickly. Career mode also puts the new circuits up front, keeping returning GT fans entertained while repeating the usual pattern of having you drive slower cars to work your way up to pure racing machines. Silverstone, Goodwood Hill Climb, Bathurst, and Willow Springs are among the new real-world circuits, and there are a couple of returning fictional tracks from past Gran Turismo games that were absent from GT5. The sheer number of cars and tracks is one of the most impressive aspects of GT6. Polyphony Digital claims there are more than 1,200 cars and 100 track layouts, so there's plenty for drivers to dig into.

You can feel the body of your car roll as you change direction, making it natural and instinctive to correct tiny slides and massive oversteer moments.

Out on the track is where Gran Turismo excels. The handling model in GT6 is far and away the best, most detailed, and most engaging car simulation available on consoles. The suspension modeling is the most noticeable improvement. You can feel the body of your car roll as you change direction, making it natural and instinctive to correct tiny slides and massive oversteer moments, especially with a steering wheel. Stock road cars also feel much more lively now. In the past, they've been almost as stiff as the racing cars, but in GT6, you can sense much more movement through these less-high-end machines, especially when the nose dives forward under braking. You can also feel the limit of grip much more easily on standard street tires, meaning you can extract more performance than usual from some slower cars.

However, while the driving is executed beautifully, there are other areas of the GT6 experience that are pretty ugly. Gran Turismo has been around for a long time, but in all of those 15 years, it doesn't seem like the AI has ever improved. Computer-controlled cars still follow a rigid racing line that they are barely capable of deviating from. The AI shows little awareness of either you or the other AI cars, making most races play out like mobile obstacle courses with very little challenge.

There are some graphical problems as well. Wet weather looks really poor, particularly the effects of water hitting your windshield in the cockpit view. Environments look dated too, especially up close. Grandstands are full of cardboard fans, and some of the texture work leaves a lot to be desired, especially on trees and rock surfaces. Then there are the cars. For the most part, the car models are stunning, inside and out, but the distinction between premium and standard models is still an issue, and which cars fall into which category isn't clear.

GT6 no longer separates these cars in dealerships, and it doesn't distinctly label them. Though the developer has argued that there is no longer a visual difference between standard and premium cars, you can spend credits on a cool-looking ride only to get it on the track and discover that it looks jagged and blurry beside the other pristine machines. Many of the cars still sound like lawnmowers as well, but the day-one patch is supposedly going to sort this out.

Polyphony Digital seems to have carried on where it left off in Gran Turismo 5 and produced a sequel that's a natural progression of all things Gran Turismo, rather than a great reinvention of the franchise. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there are parts of the game that are sorely in need of a makeover, things that a day-one patch is unlikely to solve. Look out for my full review of GT6 once I've spent some more time on the track and burnt some rubber online.

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Joseph Barron

GameSpot Freelance Writer, specialising in racing games.I wanna go fast!
Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

367 Comments Refresh
Posted by super_davem

This game looks and sound very dated/last neg. 7.0

Posted by Tiger_Ali

lol people saying that the cars and engines sound like lawnmowers. I have a lawnmower, that's one hell of an exaggeration. Some bots are too high on crack and some bots should find a wire to trip over already. Waiting for gamestop to be like machinima and give this game a higher rating than Forza 5.

Posted by The_Game21x

You think this game is going to get a 10? Good luck!

Posted by Tiger_Ali

a 9.5 or something should do just way too much content and good graphics for a ps3 game. How many tracks does forza 5 have again?

Posted by The_Game21x

GameSpot doesn't give out .5s anymore so the only score that could beat Forza 5 is a 10 and well, I highly doubt it will score that high. I'm guessing a 7 or 8, personally but hey, it might tie Forza 5 with a 9!

Posted by RTHKI

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're right, a lawnmower sounds better than this game. It sounds like vacuums btw.

Posted by KeepClearx

What's the point in releasing a potentially great game on the old console now the PS4's out? It would look fantastic on the PS4 and would of increased console sales. PS4 would of had better weather dynamics and more detailed textures for a better driving experience, makes no sense.

Posted by Chronosus

Well first off, there are 70 million owners of ps3. Then there's the fact that if it was to be rushed for ps4 (and we all know fast development isn't polyphony's thing) it would have been featureless, striped down physics and graphic showcase like forza 5 is. What's the point in that? Polyphony really took ps3 to the max with this one, and it's great that game like this came out on now last gen hardware, which is something Xbox users are not really accustomed to and PS are (I'm not trying to flame, it's just fact).

Posted by Tiger_Ali

Does just fine on the PS3 beside ps4 has driveclub. Save GT7 for an epic release.

Posted by ---Cipher---

Microtransactions are a deal breaker for me unfortunatly. I don't want to see this become a new thing because it'll just be abused to death like dlc's and patching has become.

To those who do want this though, have fun for me!

Posted by richioso

<< LINK REMOVED >> all you have to do is play the game and ignore the option.

Posted by VeeArSick

No passion.

Posted by Fizzman

This game has 7.5 written all over it.

Posted by 19James89

Yet another game with a day one patch. *rolls eyes*

Posted by Andycreep1

best game ever 10/10 gj guys

Posted by zeth_demone

can i ask you just 1 thing, i want to know if the overall sound (cars, engines, brakes, etc) were improved from gt5...

Posted by sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >> No they still sound like lawnmowers.

Posted by oberkorn

Sorry man, no luck =(

Posted by imrangr1

Has anyone noticed how GT6 looks a bit dated I mean it even looks worse than GT5. That's sad really. why couldn't they just put this game in PS4 and updated graphics. I guess they didn't wanna taint PS4 rep with micro transactions.

Posted by MrKw3nji

<< LINK REMOVED >> because of driveclub :/

Posted by 7rooper

This game series have lost its path a long time ago...
Everything about GT now isn't innovating, takes too long to be released, too much hyped and boring....

I don't get why this release dodn't make it to the PS4...

Posted by obsequies

sad to see a genre inventing game slack it

Posted by EPaul

Sounds like a 7 to me

Posted by cjlebron

"After a positive start, GT6 immediately falls back into the series' bad habits by forcing you to drive the incredibly slow, incredibly dull Honda Fit for over an hour. You aren't given any choice over your first Career mode car, and credits are handed out dreadfully slowly at the beginning of the game."

And how convenient that I'll be able to buy in-game currency with the day one patch. I'm sure Sony and Polyphony have only my best interests at heart...

Posted by mattcake

<< LINK REMOVED >> Ask yourself how much Honda pay them for that too :)

Posted by mattcake

I have great love for Japanese games, but they are SO slow to move with the times and often very dated. (e.g. moving and shooting in Res Evil) GT just gets prettier each time with some handling tweaks - they should market it as a driving simulator instead of a RACING simulator, because racing requires actual dynamic, responsive AI - not just navigating cars that move around the track on a fixed line. Very poor Polyphony, you need to gut this IP and start over for the PS4.

Posted by andmcq

<< LINK REMOVED >> They do market it as a driving simulator, that's why it's motto is 'the real driving simulator'

Posted by mattcake

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're exactly right. They've covered all the bases, the sly old dogs :)

Posted by Kjranu

Looks like a game that could have been better if it was released as a PS4 launch title instead.

Posted by mattcake

<< LINK REMOVED >> Nah, for PS4 I want proper damage, proper collision physics, proper weather... and some fluffy dice. Yes, the fluffy dice.

Posted by Dashing_Pixel

Sorry man i loved GT until GT3 back in the day, but now it just feels old to me. With PS4 out right now it also looks old,.. very old. I´d love to get Forza, but this on disc content transaction thing is just not acceptable.

Posted by DeanoFantasy

Almost all of Microsoft games where at some point a copy or rip off of what games where already out on a Sony console at one point, so how can people say Forza > GT lol all Forza has tried to do is replicate what GT brought to the table lol

Posted by The_Game21x

Yep. That's why every single Forza Motorsport game released this generation has scored higher than Gran Turismo 5, right? Forza Motorsport lapped Gran Turismo a long time ago and Gran Turismo is in no position to catch up. According to Metacritic, Gran Turismo 6 is sitting on an 81. Congrats. You've managed to tie the worst rated entry in the franchise (Forza Motorsport 5). Good luck trying to catch your last gen competition (Forza 4).

Posted by dani_i89

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's called innovation. With your theory, we would still be driving the original Ford created back before 1900. Face it, the Xbox game has wildly outdone the PS game

Posted by wa128

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I do'nt agree that it is a replica... but if it is a replica it is doing a better job than the original. Kudo's for that

Posted by Horndawgie

<< LINK REMOVED >> I will give you a clue, little kid. Forza 4 has taken all that and taken it to another level. Hence the 9.1 after 83 reviews and every single one of them positive. EVERY ONE!. Forza has better graphics, better frame rate, much better sound effects, much more realisitc collision and damage, and the physics are realistic enough. I have been in races at over 180 MPH in Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo, F50, 360 CS, GT3 RS. What cars have you driven?

I know what you will say- Those reviews are bogus, they don't have a clue about real driving, blah blah blah. So 83 pro reviewers are completely wrong,while Sony fanboys who have never even played Forza, or pretend they have, know what they are talking about. The idiocy is beyond appalling.

Here is a typical review from a Sony Fanboy on Metacritic about Forza 4-

"I won't give this a good rating until they add weather and night, and some real race cars. GT5 is about racing, Forza is about staring at stupid supercars with your stupid twelve year old friends."

Beyond stupidity. One reason I won't have anything to do with any Sony products in the future- they attract the biggest idiots on the planet. I am surrounded by frickin' idiots on PSN.

Posted by zeth_demone

I can only say, everytime i compare any gran turismo with a Forza game, Forza has many car options expanded (even the outstanding painting options), but Forza games are so easy, i mean, everything could be done by a 4 year old boy, thats not what actually gran turismo offers...

Dont throw any metacritic bullshit at me please, every gran turismo game feels like a real product, a real polished one... im not a sony fan boy so pleeease dont come up with that

Posted by sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >> They fact that you say GT feels like a finished product is even funnier. How are those interiors working out of you ? How about the premium car experience ? Finished my ss.

Posted by sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >> Um try turning the assists off and on Forza 5 raise the levels of the Drivatars while your at it. Then come back here and say it's easy again.

Posted by games2525

for a grown up you surely act as a hurt little boy for no say gt is overrated and forza underrated...ok!no need to get all worked up...sheeeez!!!

Posted by andmcq

<< LINK REMOVED >> They replicated and exceeded what PD achived.

Posted by solid_snake1461

I don't like articles like these. It feels like GS is testing the water to see how the readers would react before releasing the "official" review. Really, they should either play the game and write the review about that game or they don't.

Posted by nikon133

I might be the only one here, but I actually loved racing slow cars in GT4 and GT5. Since some of them take ages to reach speed, driving them made it more important to select optimal route through curves, one that will keep speed and revs as high as possible. Same with bumping into other cars - speed drop penalty (and time required to recover your speed) was forcing driver to simply avoid any contact, if possible. Driving slow cars in GT was all about smooth handling.

Maybe because every other racing game focuses on fast, powerful cars, I always found racing likes of Fiat 500 very refreshing.

I'm not expecting GT6 to be better overall game than Forza 5, c'mon... one is running on 7 years old hardware, the other on current hardware... but I do expect it to improve on GT5, which is enough for me to purchase it. It is also likely to be the last game for PS3 I will purchase, before I switch to PS4.

Posted by mattcake

<< LINK REMOVED >> I prefer the slow cars too, like you say they need a little more attention to get the best out of. That and because collisions and damage are always crap, it is stupid to collide at 200mph and skim off scott free like a bobsled :)

Posted by KeepClearx

<< LINK REMOVED >> retarded to say that when gran turismo first started on the PS1 and was one of the best selling driving simulators

Posted by Jcray21

Now that is just stupid.

Posted by andmcq

Having played GT since the very first day that the first one was released, and subsequently playing all of the Forza titles, it's clear that Polyphony Digital have dropped the ball big time.

There isn't a single aspect where Gran Turismo out does Forza. In physics they are comparable but everywhere else Forza trumps Gran Turismo by a substaintial margin in A.I, sound, frame rate and general usability.

I love this GT, but I practically love all car games. This is a 6/10 at best.

Posted by RobDev

<< LINK REMOVED >> Which Forza?

Posted by andmcq

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Forza 3 & more so 4.

Posted by trustkill3r

" review in progress" really!

i think it means polyphony haven't paid yet.....

Posted by stuff238

I don't even want to read gamespots review because I already know they hate GT and will give GT6 a 4-7/10. Even though this is the best GT yet, they will slam it and I hate them for it. And I like how they are pretending to play the game all weekend. We already know he had the review typed up a week ago with a bad score already slapped on it.

Posted by Tiger_Ali

Dude its gonna get a higher score than Forza 5 so just you wait!

Posted by sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >> LMAO Keep dreaming.

Posted by Born_Lucky

The AI needs to be a "little tweaked"???????

What AI?

When cars t-bone you at 200 mph while you're making a turn at the bottom of a hill, that is NOT . . I repeat . . NOT a racing simulation. I loved 3 . 4 was alright, but at that point I was sick of the bumper car gameplay.

When winning a race is as simple as making everyone else wreck, my interest level drops to zero.

Posted by games2525

i agree!its a very nice game but the AI is terrible!the cars only seem to have a stroll around the track no matter what you do to them waiting for you to pass.and i ALWAYS finish first no matter if i crash....

Posted by Bhargav_pvs

GT6 looks awesome and the engine reacts so cool.... But yes, AI needs to be a little tweaked. :)

Posted by cyclonebw

How much can you add to a racing sim that uses real tracks and already has near perfect physics??? This years new cars?? Stop complaining there is nothing dramatically different, what do you expect?

Posted by CharlesBurns

yes this years new cars is exactly what most people want...

Posted by Adultgamer2011

A lot of Forza Trolls in this discussion. Gran Turismo is an acquired taste and its definitely not for younger gamers and those who just starting gaming with the xbox 360 ect.

This gen of gamers i is what call the ADHD gaming generation, basically all the games have to be dumbed down and easy or you pay for in game content instead of grinding for it . Forza has zero endorsements from Real world racing teams or professional drivers, No weather or day and night cycles. I don't recall any professional circuit drivers being groomed from playing the forza franchise ect. This is a console sim, not a arcade racer to fulfill fantasies of graphic design and bartering in a auction house (BTW wasn't included in Forza 5 ).

Forza is essentially an arcade racer physics wise and the only feature i really enjoyed was the auction house. As far as i'm concerned the two aren't even comparable. Forza kiddies should be trolling the Need for Speed forums instead of GT.

Posted by RTHKI

<< LINK REMOVED >> Endorsements don't mean anything.


I'm a lifelong fan of both and Forza s***s on GT since it started. No competition. I get your butthurt but just save it man - I've read your comment dozens of times. You diehard Sony drones have this funny complex over the fact that the best selling Sony series EVER isn't even the premiere game in its genre! I get that anger lol. So you call Forza arcadey - as if you have any idea what you're talking about. Need for Speed is arcadey you moron. And calling people little kids because Forzas better? How mature - we are talking about videogames here right? What'r your racing credentials Mario Andretti? You have zero credibility - you're just an anonymous whiny troll. Just face it: Poly D spends ten years shading the window tints on a honda civic while Turn Ten actually creates a perfect driving game. Oh I'm sorry...simulation.

Posted by Tiger_Ali


Posted by enepri

<< LINK REMOVED >> ??? lol

Posted by andmcq

<< LINK REMOVED >> it's fact. It's the same reason the AI make no attempt to avoid collisions. There is no AI.

Posted by Edge15

<< LINK REMOVED >> I am also a lifelong fan of both, but I'd have to say that the two games feel very different. While I will agree that GT does need to work on AI and Forza blows them out of the water on that, I feel like the handling feels more realistic in GT. They are both very fun games, however, Forza is not a simulation. It is only a racing game, probably the best. GT does the actual track and driving well, but has been slacking on the racing lately. I know the reason they have the AI continuously follow the same racing line in order to show the driver the proper racing line, which when followed correctly, will in fact improve racing time, maximize fuel efficiency and reduce stress on the tires. Forza does not take this stuff into account and although they do a lot, it just doesn't try to be a simulation and as educational as GT tries to be.

Posted by andmcq

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The AI follow a bee line because theyre stupid.

Posted by The_Game21x

I love the superiority complex GT fans have. "Only kids play Forza!" "Forza is for the ADHD generation!" "Forza has arcade physics!" You guys make up some of the most amazing lies to convince yourself of GT's superiority. Your game doesn't have a fully featured livery editor so by default it doesn't add anything meaningful to the genre, right? GT6 has microtransactions to complement its grind but of course only Forza is bad for having microtransactions along with a grind too, right?

GT Academy was a marketing promotion. If a similar promotion was held for Forza 4 or Forza 5, you could certainly see a driver being groomed from Forza because of the fact that you guys keep forgetting.

Forza Motorsport 4 and 5 are more realistic than GT6. GT still lacks torque steer, decent mechanical and cosmetic damage modeling, doesn't properly simulate lift off oversteer in non MR and RR drive cars, they still haven't gotten the tire physics right and much more, including that awful, awful audio work they've done which makes beautiful V8 and V12 powered cars sound like vacuum cleaners and has the most grating burning rubber sound I've ever heard that hasn't been changed since the PS1 days. Embarrassing.

Even side step, a simple physics simulation, does not happen in GT5 or 6. Try it for yourself. Take a high powered rear wheel drive car like the Corvette ZR1 onto a track and gun it from a standstill without touching the wheel. In GT, it will launch perfectly straight, every time. In Forza, it will step out to the side, like it's supposed to and like it would in real life.

Get real. You guys need to get over the myth that Forza has arcade physics. It doesn't. It's more realistic than GT ever was and that's just Forza 4 I'm talking about. Forza 5 is on another level.

Posted by FabledVeteran

@The_Game21x Thank you for posting this comment, i couldn't agree more and i don't tend to see many people taking forza seriously even though in some areas it has shown GT how its done

i was rather upset to find my favourite car (The Mercedes SLS AMG, the poster car for GT5 too) had its deathly V8 rumble replaced by a lackluster attempt at a dyson, GT has a lot going for it at the moment and i actually love GT5 still even with its many flaws... but as soon as Forza gets weather and night racing and a larger car and track library too (which it will), im sure then even GT fans will be struggling to find things which make GT the 'top dog'

Posted by CharlesBurns

you have no idea what GT Academy is do you?

Posted by Unbound72

<< LINK REMOVED >> Says the idiot who runs to every XBone article with the trolling abilities of a 10 year old.

Posted by Oz0n3_holepunch

<< LINK REMOVED >> I declare The_Game21x the winner of this pointless argument, well done sir!

Posted by The_Game21x

Did I say anything to counter that? I said it's marketing, which it is. I never said anything bad about the drivers. They're clearly excellent drivers who won the opportunity to race through this Sony, Gran Turismo, Nissan and Polyphony Digital sponsored competition. And if Microsoft, Turn 10 and Audi got together to sponsor a similar contest, similar results could be achieved. Why? Because my point was that Forza's physics are, at the very least, every bit as good as Gran Turismo's and by most accounts, much, much better. That was the point you've been trying to avoid.

Posted by Kiaininja

So if someone likes playing Mario Kart and Nintendo pays them to train in a real driving school and they become real pro racers does that make Mario Kart a racing game for real race drivers enthusiast. And besides GT Academy top drivers practiced using rFactor Racing Sim when they were training for real, they only played GT to promote their sponsors.

Posted by CharlesBurns

Still doesn't change the fact that four guys who were playing Gran Turismo a few years ago are now professional racing drivers who have driven in and finished on the podium at Le Mans...

And yes Sony, Nissan, and Gran Turismo sponsored it all...obviously. You don't actually have a point?

Posted by CharlesBurns

You're not very smart are you. What you're saying is the Olympics is just marketing for Coca-Cola. I mean they have Coca-Cola logos slapped all over the events and so at the end of the day its all about marketing.

Posted by Tiger_Ali

Why dont you leave forza bot this is GT discussion. GT kicks your ass every day in overall sales and in fans of the series. What will you say when gamespot gives it the same rating as Forza 5 if not better for content involved.

Posted by The_Game21x

Right, that's why Gran Turismo logos are slapped all over the series and drivers and vehicles? It may have been an ongoing TV series and competition but at the end of the day, it's all about marketing. It certainly looks great to be able to say a high performing professional racing driver was groomed using your racing simulation, doesn't it?

Yeah, it's great that it did produce some great racing drivers but at the end of the day, it's marketing. All I'm doing is calling it what it is.

Posted by CharlesBurns

No, it is an ongoing reality TV series and competition that has been running for the last couple of years and has produced a Le Mans team made up of 4 of it's winners who actually did very well in their class...

You obviously don't know what a Marketing promotion is then because GT academy was and is not one...

Posted by The_Game21x

I know exactly what it is. It was a marketing promotion wrapped in the guise of a contest to determine who was the best GT driver in the world. Again, if the exact same contest were put on by Turn 10, they could have groomed a pro racing driver just as GT Academy did.

Posted by LittleMac19

GT is driving down the same road as NBA Live.

Posted by RicMansur

what a joke GS has become, every other website has reviewed this game already and they are still in progress..shame on you

Posted by tsunami2311

Is there reason why develops dont finish things before releasing...

Posted by Triton

Bummer review. Appears not much in the improvement department. Fear once the leader of the pack has now dropped back to 2nd place. Looks like I will be buying the Box first and the PS later to get my racing fix. Maybe by then is will be updated.

Posted by Horndawgie

@Triton Nope they add crap that is not that relevant. Really, who cares about 10 versions of 1 car?Who gives a crap about a Daihatsu? Quantity over quality, indeed. Sound effects like lawnmower engine sounds. Seriously? Ask anyone who has raced cars, Sony sheep, ASK ANYONE- the sounds of the engine redlining in your ear adds so much to the adrenaline. GT6 claims to have realism and yet, having been in Ferraris and Porsches and listening to those beautiful screaming engines, this fails on so many levels.

They claim they will add a patch for the sounds, so we will see. I prefer quality over quantity, and even Forza 4 is better right now.

Posted by Tiger_Ali

lol lies and bullshit in no way is forza 4 better than this get off the crack.

Posted by Mondrath

I've been playing this for the last 3 days and I can honestly say that Polyphony and Sony made a big mistake releasing this as a full priced game. There are some improvements, but many of the old gripes are still there; shadows still look frayed sometimes and the blurring they used to cover it up in most cases looks very obviously like blurring, graphics are somewhat better than GT5 but again not enough to really impress. They should have done what some other companies do when they make some large (size-wise) changes to a game: release a revamped version and make it 30$ or so like Capcom did with Dragon's Dogma or Firaxis did with XCom Enemy Within.


I like you have to wait for the fast cars, it gives myself a sense of accomplishment that is missing from my daily life. Maybe video game reviewers should not always take the little kid side of things like - "This Game is Too Hard"You can not eat all the cake without first being polite to all your guests and giving them a good welcoming party. Let that ego monster get what he wants when he wants it another time, this time God said NO, slow down, you drive too fast Jimmy Cricket. Ain't no shine like a shoe shine in the wintertime patsy cline. Maybe the hard game will get easier when you play more. It can't all be explosions, we have to light the fuse and lay the wires. Mice in the walls told me so.

Posted by wa128

I always liked the GT series but they couldn't keep up with forza since forza 2 :(....

I've bought them all gt 1,2,3,4,5... i'm not buying 6 anymore. I just don't see the point..

I think I'll switch to Forza...

I'ts a petty but Polyphony seems to have lost the quality to come up with a true superb racing game and Forza seems to kinda become better and better.

Posted by sierra118

GT is still made by Japanese, for Japanese, its not that they don't know how to get these basics right, its that our priorities are just not a priority to them at Poly. If you want a sim that's made by people who think like you, then get Forza, but GT is what it is, and apparently they aint changing for nobody.

Posted by Kiaininja

I half agree with you. I've played lots of Japanese racing games from most of their consoles since SNES days and their styles are very much different from each other and has nothing to do with it being about culture. But it's true that most of their racing series do get stale after a while because they get stuck not innovating much playing it safe with what worked first for them (exp. Ridge Racer, Tokyo Xtreme, or Initial-D). Back then they had many different types of Japanese racing series to buy from that kept my interest going to keep importing them. But now racing games in Japan pretty much dwindled and Poly is the last of the companies still focused on racing series.

Posted by jekyll

<< LINK REMOVED >> This is exactly why "Computer-controlled cars still follow a rigid racing line that they are barely capable of deviating from". That just sounds exactly like Japan; follow the set, ages old, traditional way of doing things and never, ever change from that.

Posted by Horndawgie

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Excellent observation. Kudos for that rare, intelligent post on Gamespot.

Posted by CharlesBurns

Gran Turismo Infuriates me. I was disappointed with GT5 and I am again disappointed with GT6. It's by no means a bad game and there are still lots of features and updates to come. The problem I have is with the simplest, most basic elements of the game.

The UI is hardly any better. Whats have Polyphony Digital been doing for the last 5 years? Did they test it at all to get any feedback about the menu's and the 5 extra screens that have to load between doing anything? I read somewhere that the same people that worked on the original are still at polyphony working on GT6. Well it shows! The UI looks like a hi-res version of the 90's. When you win a race sparks or glitter or something explodes across the screen? WTF? I'm not 10, this isn't Ridge Racer.

And why are their so many colour gradients and menu's that appear through diagonal fade in affects? It's like watching a 90's TV show. You get a new car and it appears when the walls of a giant white (polystyrene looking) box fall away to reveal it. Its kitch, tacky and cheap.

And the car list. It's pretty much identical to GT5. The 160 new cars to the series are unfortunately not enough when they're hidden among way too many Daihatsu's. Going through the dealerships last night there are plenty of manufacturer's that should be excluded completely. Who wants to drive a Daihatsu? There are about 15 of them and I don't want to drive a single one!

One of my favourite cars is the Audi RS6 Avant. I was hoping to drive the recently released 2013 version, but it's not there. The same one I've been driving from GT5, the 2007 version is though? It's 5 year old!

Where is the LaFerrari? The Maclaren P1? The Porsche 918 (EA licence issue). The point is those are the most anticipated cars of the year but they're not there? Forza has them?

Here is how you do a car list Polyphony:

Include the most desirable cars from the current year from the most desirable manufacturers. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford all of the big names. I want to drive the most current of their line ups. Then when you've done that, then add in the all the rare, obscure, awesome classics like the 300SL and M1 etc.

I don't want to drive that Dome thing. I am also not interested in driving an Isuzu Concept from the late 90's? Where is the Lamborghini Veneo or whatever its called? Or the new Stratos Concept?

And as for customization? Don't even bother. Navigating the parts menu is no improvement over GT5. Still no livery editor? Forza can do it why can't GT? I understand you might not want gawdy cars in your game, but then why not curate it like Grid 2 did. Have pre-made liveries and let people choose their own colours. I was going to suggest Polyphony could come up with better ones than Grid, but now I'm not so sure. Whoever is in charge of the menu's and UI at Polyphony needs to take a long hard look at themselves and their team...

I've read articles where Kazunori Yamaguchi talks about striving for perfection. Well you're way off. The Moon buggy? WTF? I don't think I've ever in my life said, "I wonder what it's like to drive the moon buggy?" Not when there are thousands of awesome cars to drive on earth! And accurate positioning of the stars and planets for night races? Is this GT6 or an astrology app? Really it's mind boggling. You're wasting your time on irrelevant rubbish while you let the fundamentals slip through your fingers. If you want to impress then get the Basics PERFECT first, then worry about the fluff.

I've been a fan of Gran Turismo since day one. I've never loved a franchise more, I bought my PS3 for GT5 and then waited for it for years because of the delays. After 15 years I cannot believe some of the stupid, stupid descisions that have been made.

After winning a race you are shown your results, but you can't go straight to the next race in the series, you have to exit that menu, go back to the series race selection menu and then choose the next race and wait for that to load. Really? What is going on in Polyphony's offices? It's like the lights are on but there's no one behind the wheel? Did no one wire-frame the screen sequences? Where is the consistency? The whole experience feels lazy, like no one cared.

Polyphony is taking their huge fan base for granted because they know that we'll buy it anyway and deal with the outdated menu system and the incomprehensible omissions of things that are basic common sense in every other racing game.

I hate to see Forza fans bash Gran Turismo, but some of the time they're right and it gets to the point where I can't actually defend GT anymore.

GT6 Looks great, it handles great, there are some awesome cars to drive BUT this easily could have been 10 out of 10 with a little more thought and some minor changes.

It's like going to a fancy restaurant. The place looks amazing, the menu is a little confusing but once you get your food it's great but at the end of the evening you end up wondering if it was worth it. Could you have gone to a family restaurant got a massive burger, which while it might not have a fancy red wine sauce or been marinated in unicorn tears is still satisfying. You leave that family restaurant satisfied and knowing that you got what you paid for.

I should have learned my lesson with GT5. I'm never preordering a GT game again.

Posted by sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >> LMAO Moon Buggy.......That comment made me laugh.

Posted by obsequies

<< LINK REMOVED >> eesh


<< LINK REMOVED >> I liked when you had to pass all the driving tests to even race.

Posted by llsinister84ll

<< LINK REMOVED >> hahahahahaha wtf I thought I was the only one thinkin that when I saw that mini explosion that shits soooooo wack!!!! But worse of all that roster sucks!!! I thought they were going to have the McLaren p1 and the new Ferrari but hey we got the reventon can't wait to drive that but the roster is definatly lackin hopefully drive club well be a much better game than this and move on and that other game thats an mmo openworld driving games that do things diffrently and bettter hopefully forcing pd to inovate

Posted by diskotheque

Thanks for the update Joseph. I have a feeling this isn't going to top Forza. Oh well... I can always continue to hope that Forza makes its way to the PS4 someday.

Posted by The_Game21x

That's about as likely as Gran Turismo coming to the Xbox One, IE, not at all.

Posted by HIT3kNology

The graphics look like shit

Posted by StickmanRyan

Well going off the quality of the pictures he's not half wrong lol. They look like screenshots out of GT3 :P

Posted by JustClient

<< LINK REMOVED >> Grow up…

Posted by CharlesBurns

No they don't

Posted by wa128

<< LINK REMOVED >> uh yes they do....

Posted by BravoOneActual

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think we have an impasse.

Posted by CharlesBurns

wa128 uh no they don't

Posted by llsinister84ll

if u hurry u can actually puck up the anniversary edition at gamestop that comes with 25 awesome cars like the pagani huarya r8 gtr and u actually get a Mercedes supercar in the game under vision gran tourismo games pretty sick!!!

Posted by giantming

So now you won't be able to differentiate between standard and premium cars until after you buy them? that's so ass.

Posted by TruSake

Polyphony digital hasn't been able to keep up with technology and gameplay.

Posted by foxhound_fox

Something I've never understood about these kinds of racing games is why they even bother making players work to unlock the cars. We all have our preferences and locking some away behind multi-million credit paywalls just doesn't make any sense. I like driving the cars I want to drive, not grinding away with cars I don't like for hours at a time just to unlock the ones I do like.

Posted by TruSake

that's part of the fun?

Posted by VENOMs7000

What's there to review and rate??

The game is probably awesome but I do think that the developers deserve to be punished for their stupidity of not releasing it on Ps4

rate the game 2.0 and never mention it again. that will teach them to employ idiots as their market strategist.

Posted by GSyynoandnoyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> 2.0 for not releasing it on PS4?

Posted by Tiger_Ali

II have grid 2 and I played this and there is no comparison this is better 1080p looks marvelous.

Posted by wa128

<< LINK REMOVED >> Grid 2 on pc looks better, you can play it in 1440p even and use higher settings...

This looks kinda like gt3 only in 1080p... I'ts sharper but that doesn't make the graphics good

Posted by Tiger_Ali

Your on crack or your just a hater cuz this game shines. Forza 5 has a slight edge over this and its only due to next gen hardware. With that being said its still amazing looking and yeah they dont know who to do crashes but most idiots are too fixated to watching cars crash. I got ova shit like that back on NES days and then once again when Daytona USA was out. So my panties arent in a bunch like the rest of them. Since that's the games one true flaw its actually pretty good game and I'm a car game fan at all.

Posted by sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're* still a troll with bad grammar.