Gotham Games gone

Take-Two subdivision "phased out" by publisher's internal reorganization.

Gotham Games, the publisher of The Great Escape and the Conflict: Desert Storm series, has ceased to exist. "We have phased out Gotham Games as a publishing label," said Jeffrey Lapin, CEO of Gotham's parent, Take-Two Interactive, in a conference call yesterday.

Gotham's elimination was part of a larger internal re-organization at Take-Two. As part of the re-org, Rockstar Games will remain Take 2's "source of premium content," PC-centric Gathering will further expand into "mid-range" console titles, and Global Star Software will remain the company's budget-priced publishing arm. In the future, current titles that bear the Gotham logo will be distributed by Gathering or Global Star "depending on the price point," said Lapin.

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That's too bad. I liked the desert storm series. And I'm probably the only person who will ever comment on this news. This is the first time I've ever commented first.