Gorky Zero signed by JoWood

JoWood will publish Metropolis' upcoming tactical action game in North America and most of Europe.

JoWood has today announced that it will publish Gorky Zero in North America and Europe. The stealth-based tactical action game, which is currently in development at Metropolis Software, is the prequel to Odium (known as Gorky 17 in Europe).

"We all at Metropolis have very good experience with cooperating with JoWood, and now we're very excited about teaming with them again," said Bartosz Brzostek, development director at Metropolis. "We've been working on Gorky Zero for over a year, and now we're eager to see the game released."

Set just a few years before the events of Odium, Gorky Zero will once again see players assuming the role of agent Cole Sullivan. For more information on Gorky Zero, for which no release date has been announced at this time, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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