g.o.d.'s First Born

Railroad Tycoon II will be Gathering of Developers' first title.

Congratulations. Gathering of Developers has its first title to promote.

Railroad Tycoon II, from PopTop Software, will be the launch title for former ION Storm CEO Mike Wilson's hybrid publishing venture Gathering of Developers.

While the title has been in development for over a year, PopTop secured the Railroad Tycoon name and trademark from MircroProse just last Monday. PopTop discovered about two months ago that the game's then-working title, Iron Horse, was unavailable.

PopTop president Phil Steinmeyer told GameSpot News that Railroad Tycoon II is "very similar to Railroad Tycoon, spiritually." Steinmeyer said that while the original Railroad Tycoon's gameplay was mostly concerned with operations, the new title would have much more depth in the area of finances.

RTII will use a new, proprietary engine that runs exclusively at 1024 x 786 resolution. Steinmeyer says one of the ways RTII will not be like the original is that the graphics in Railroad Tycoon II are "a million times better" than Railroad Tycoon.

Steinmeyer's four-year-old company, located outside St. Louis, Missouri, was responsible for development work on Iron Cross, and Heroes of Might and Magic 1 and 2.

Steinmeyer says the title should be released in the fourth quarter of '98.

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