GodGames cofounder heads to Hong Kong

Harry Miller's game publishing company En-Tranz Entertainment targets the Asian market.

En-Tranz Entertainment, the new game publishing company headed by Gathering of Developers cofounder and former president Harry Miller, recently announced the opening of its Hong Kong headquarters. The company has assembled a team of executives and intends to become one of Asia's top game publishers. It is currently working on developing and publishing Shadowbane, Wolfpack Studios' online-role-playing game, for the Asian market.

En-Tranz has formed a partnership with E1 Media Technology to distribute and publish games in the Asia Pacific region. The company will also publish its own and other developers' online multiplayer games throughout the region and the world. En-Tranz also plans to work closely with new game developers from companies and universities in the area.

"We are indeed excited to launch this new venture here in Hong Kong," Miller said. "The long-term growth potential in the creation, production, acquisition, and distribution of video games is very promising and we feel that En-Tranz has the talent, experience, and close contacts necessary to become a truly competitive force in the industry both within the region and around the world."

In addition to the En-Tranz headquarters in Hong Kong, the company has operational bases in Taiwan, Korea, and China. For more information, visit the official En-Tranz Web site.

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