Geodesic joins Horizons team

The software company will work with Artifact Entertainment to ensure the reliability of the upcoming online role-playing game.

Geodesic Systems has announced that it will work with Arizona-based game developer Artifact Entertainment to ensure the reliability of Horizons, Artifact's upcoming online role-playing game. The game developer has licensed Geodesic's Great Circle and High Availability Runtime solutions. In addition to protecting against the game's servers going down, the Geodesic software is helping the developers locate problems in the game.

"Since our team started using Geodesic software, we're ahead of schedule," said James Jones, president of Artifact Entertainment. "Errors that used to take us days to locate, Great Circle finds in minutes."

Horizons is a massively multiplayer game set in a persistent medieval fantasy universe. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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