Generals, Zero Hour patches coming soon

EA updates its official C&C: Generals site with news on upcoming patches for the original game and the recently released Zero Hour expansion.


Electronic Arts has recently updated its official Command & Conquer: Generals Web site with information on upcoming patches for both the original game and the recently released Zero Hour expansion pack. Exact release dates and content for the patches have not been confirmed at this time, but the following lists highlight a number of issues that will be addressed as well as one or two new features that will be implemented.

Command & Conquer: Generals - 1.7
Force fire--China's Gatling tanks can no longer force fire through buildings.
Rally points--Added rally points to the GLA tunnel networks.
Improved online stats--Made improvements to the code that tracks statistics and disconnects in online games.
Crash fix--Fixed a crash bug related to the particle cannon.
Desynch fix--Fixed a mismatch that occurred when ordering a unit to attack right after it exited a building.
Region accuracy--User tooltip in the custom match lobby now correctly displays the user's region.
Hero radar icon--Jarmen Kell, Black Lotus, and Colonel Burton now have a special icon on the radar map.
Chat sound effect--Added an audio cue to alert users to an incoming chat message.
Text fixes--Fixed text errors in the tooltips for USA drone armor and China nuclear tank upgrades.
Firewall port override options item--Firewall port override values can now be set on the options menu from the main menu.

Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour--1.01
Sometimes rank medals appear gray in the Custom Match lobby.
Adding quickstart command line parameter.
An issue when the Microwave attacks and Internet Center.
If the US firebase is filled with infantry and the user sells it, sometimes the infantry become invisible but are still selectable.
Adding -mod command line parameter.
A couple of Jarmen Kell firing recharge and balance issues.
Adjusting the tunnel network build speed.
A couple of targeting issues with the battle bus.
A specific situation where the player can tell if a unit is a disguised bomb truck or not.
A specific fog-of-war exploit with one of the units.
Black Lotus capture exploit.
Various microwave tank Direct X9.0 and hardware issues.
Fixed a bug that caused the supply docks to disappear during skirmish games.
Removed audio cue that signaled every message displayed onscreen during a game. Now it will only occur during incoming chat.
Removed carpet bomber from the third mission in the China campaign.
Changed all Gatling weapons so they can no longer force fire through structures.
Fixed a bug that stealthed units would not show up on the radar.
Fixed text errors in the tooltips for USA drone armor and China nuclear tank upgrades.
Fixed a bug with the difficulty level of the Generals Challenge campaign when restarting a new campaign with one campaign already in progress.
Fixed an issue with the GLA RPG trooper animation.
Made a fix to the Nuke General's map to prevent him from building multiple nuke silos on top of each other.
Removed the mismatch error message in replays (there is no mismatch – it is a text error).
Two new multiplayer maps.

Zero Hour information has deliberately been made quite vague so that certain exploits don't become obvious to players. We'll bring you more information on the upcoming Generals patches as soon as it becomes available.