Geist possesses store shelves

After several delays, long-awaited ghostly game for GameCube finally finds release.

Geist, the first-person shooter and adventure hybrid from Florida-based studio n-Space, has finally made it to retail. The GameCube game, first announced at E3 2003 and originally planned for a holiday 2004 release, has shipped to stores with an M rating and a $49.99 price tag.

Geist puts players into the lab coat of John Raimi, a civilian scientist who is sent along with a special forces squad to investigate illegal experiments at the Volks research facility. Things quickly go awry, and after being subjected to one such illegal experiment, Raimi's spiritual essence is torn from his body.

In his energy-based form, Raimi can posses anything from people and animals to steam valves and dog food. And he must use these powers to uncover the secrets of the Volks facility and reclaim his human form. In addition to the single-player campaign, four players can battle it out via the game's three multiplayer modes--possesion deathmatch, capture the host, and hunt--all of which use the game's possession system.

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