Geist Golden

Long-in-development possession-based GameCube game hits shelves August 16.

The Web site of Geist developer n-Space was recently updated with news that the company's long-awaited GameCube poltergeist action game went gold. Visitors to the site now find the only trace of the news in a simple front page with some slim information about the game, including the line "Status: Gold (7/8/05)."

Originally scheduled for release in the 2004 holiday season, Geist has been the victim of several delays but now looks in good shape to meet a planned August 16 release date. Geist is rated M for Mature and will retail for $49.99.

The game's story follows a soldier sent to investigate the strange goings-on at a research facility run by a wealthy madman. The soldier is then captured by the madman so his soul can be separated from his body. As the soldier's wandering soul, gamers will have to possess everything from dog bowls to mice to other human beings in an attempt to reunite spirit and body, as well as take down the evil madman to boot.

For more on Geist, check out GameSpot's recent hands-on impressions.

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