Garage Games releases Mutant Storm

The online publisher picks up PomPom's Robotron-inspired shooter.

Garage Games has announced that Mutant Storm, a frenetic Robotron-inspired shooter, is now available on its Web site. The game was previously available directly from UK developer PomPom.

"The initial response to Mutant Storm confirms it is a hit title ready to be discovered by a larger fan base," said Michael Michael, PomPom cofounder. "As an independent developer, getting the word out, even with the critical acclaim Mutant Storm has achieved, is a real challenge. Teaming with GarageGames is the next step for gaining that larger exposure."

Mutant Storm has 89 psychedelic 3D levels and is best played with a dual joystick or a controller with two analog sticks so that one stick can be used to control movement and the other can be used to control the direction of fire. A demo of the game can be downloaded from the link below.

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