GameTap goes cross-promotional with Myst

Turner Broadcasting's new broadband game service to feature original programming, starting with a look at the making of End of Ages.

Turner Broadcasting System today announced that it will usher in its new broadband gaming service with a look at a popular PC series that's on its last legs.

When GameTap Entertainment goes live October 3, it will feature a truncated documentary on the making of Myst V: End of Ages, Ubisoft's send-off to the renowned PC adventure series. The full version of the feature can be found in the limited edition package of Myst V, which goes on sale September 20.

In addition to offering games-on-demand, GameTap will feature a mix of game-oriented programming, interviews, and trailers delivered via streaming video. Turner Broadcasting is hoping to take lessons it learned from creating original content for TNT and the Cartoon Network so it can apply them to the world of gaming.

"Gamers are like the toughest film fanatics; they want more than a technical look at the making of a game. They want to see the compelling story behind its creators, the challenges and triumphs of the creative process," said Michael Watchulonis, executive producer for GameTap Entertainment.

GameTap will charge a monthly subscription fee of $14.95, and new users will get a free two-week trial period with unlimited access to the service. For more on the service, see GameSpot's previous coverage.

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