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Just like your trusty Game Boy, GameSpotting is lightweight, compact, and ready to play when you are.

Just like your trusty Game Boy, GameSpotting is lightweight, compact, and ready to play when you are. In this week's edition, GameSpot editors ponder reviewer accountability, online play in fighting games, and Demolition Man. But hey, don't we all think about Demolition Man on a daily basis?

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Coming Clean
Greg Kasavin/Executive Editor
"Wouldn't it be nice if every game review you read included detailed and accurate statistics pertaining to the review and its author?"

San Dimas High School Football Still Rules...
Jeff Gerstmann/Senior Editor
"Going all the way back to The Godfather seems like an insidious plan to make people like that movie a little less."

Tekken 5 Won't Be Online
Andrew Park/Senior Editor
"I think very highly of the company that has produced so many high-quality fighting games (and non-fighting games), which is why I find Tekken 5's lack of online play so perplexing."

Matthew Reilly's Video Game Novels
Brian Ekberg/Sports Editor
"Reilly's novels rely on straightforward action and little else; like a Serious Sam game set to words, except without as much justification for the violence."

Simon Says Bleed
Ryan Davis/Associate Producer
"Remember Demolition Man for the 3DO?"

Avery Score/Games Editor, Mobile
"With all this CPU firepower coming from the same source, it's unclear which company will leverage the best technology."

Who Killed Platformers?
"We can thank Mario 64 for reused levels and inane collecting, even if it wasn't exceptionally guilty of either of those crimes itself."

Featured Community Review - NBA Street V3
bryholman/Featured Reviewer
"The create-a-baller feature has improved tenfold and the Street Challenge is amazing!"

Hey! Remember Me, Guys?!?!
Virtual Boy/Infamous Hardware
"Don't just add your fancy-schmancy DS and Xbox games to your collection. You should add your older games in too, so you don't forget what you have. Us Virtual Boys have feelings too. *sniff*"

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