GameSpotting: 13GB Dead Rising Drama, Return of Classic Sony IP's, & New Nintendo Console Speculation

Today's GameSpot blog features our favorite forum topics of the week, and guest writers jKryptonite, ashmoresmooth88, and creepychainsaw.

Greetings! GameSpotting is where we suggest a few interesting conversations for you to join on the forums or community member’s blogs. Did you jump into any of the topics we suggested last week? Do you feel a topic is missing from our conversation starters? Let us know! We go through the forums and find what we think will be interesting. Here are just a few of the buzzing discussions we came across...


Upgrade Rising 13GB - Thoughts / Feels about Dead Rising 3 by creepychainsaw

As the great big update begins its journey towards completion in the background, now would be a good time to discuss my overall opinion and feelings towards the latest installment of my favorite zombie sandbox like game: Dead Rising 3.” - Full Report.


Resident Evil Revelations by ashmoresmooth88

Overall Resident Evil Revelations is decent enough with the few new features it offers which has a good feel about it and plays well to suit old and new fans - Full Review.


In Friday’s GameSpot blog, we asked you to tell us if you thought that Nintendo should move away from the hardware market and simply focus on software. jKryptonite’s short answer was no, saying that we need to stop comparing it to the other two systems. You can read his full report here.

Tweet of the Week

Our Tweet of the Week goes to Karetan who brings up a rather good point about Blizzards recent update for human females which will be releasing alongside the next expansion for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

Best Forum Threads

System Wars

Will Microsoft remain in last place this gen. by BlessedChill

With their current sales comparisons, the community discusses the fate of the Xbox One, Wii U, and PS4 and who will take first place this generation - Join the Discussion.

Primary Games

Would you agree that the Zombie theme has been Overdone. by CarcassPlays

Zombies, do they bite or does their overwhelming shambles into games continue to cause you to scream with delight? - Join the Discussion.


Is Nintendo Really Working on Another Console? by Airsoftman819

Is the Wii U on the Way Out? The Nintendo community ponders the ramifications of them releasing a new console as well as some of the side effect that might occur if they pull the Wii U's plug too quickly - Join the Discussion.


What Sony IP would you bring back? by The_Last_Ride

Sony lovers unite in a trip down memory lane as they share what classic playstation titles they would bring back to the current generation of gaming - Join the Discussion.


Microsoft Buys Gears of War Franchise from Epic Games by kkp2420

The Xbox community weighs in on their thoughts on Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games. What are your thoughts? - Join the Discussion.


Eurogamer previews Thief, sounds terrible by biggest_loser

Are you excited about the Thief reboot? Have you done all your homework? Apparently, there are some sites out there who are less than impressed with the game - Join the Discussion.

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