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How to Soapbox

Date June 15, 2012

If you're wondering where the Soapbox went, we've asked the same thing! Until there's a permanent solution to this problem, Synthia and Jody will do their best to feature blogs in this space. All you have to do is continue to add the "editorial" dropdown in your blogs.

If you're curious about the types of blogs we're looking to feature, here's a checklist you can use.

- Flag your blog under the Editorial dropdown if you want staff to review your blogs
- Use grammar and mechanics properly
- Do your research
- Occasionally consider the newbies or non-gamers
- Don't use colored or fancy fonts
- Make a history of writing editorial blogs to show longevity of a SoapBox contributor.

Read a description about each of these in this blog

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Okay I knew I was doing something wrong. Good luck to you all :)