GameSpot Versus: Beat the Pros Edition Winter 2012 MVP's

GameSpot Versus Beat the Pros Edition MVP's announced! See who got a chance to play against gaming super starts and earned both swag and gaming glory!

GameSpot Versus Beat the Pros Edition is a way for GameSpot members to test their skills against super star pro gamers. From FPS to RTS GameSpot is dedicated to giving gamers a chance to shine against those living the dream.

Halo 4 with TSquared

On November 9th GameSpot users came in masses to take on Tom “Tsquared" Taylor and Naded in Halo 4. After two hours of going against members of the community, XBL members PerfectionOwns, Pizilized, Genocidal, and xxOneshotDropxx were victorious.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with Mrs Violence

On November 16th Kelly “Mrs.Violence" Kelley joined the GameSpot crew to up her K/D in a bit of multiplayer with the Community. And despite her snark Alex R, Jorge E, Angelo H, and Stephanie P managed to strut their stuff well enough to win some sweet swag.

League of Legends with Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid came to the GameSpot office on December 21st to play against the community. Hundreds of people flocked to the chat rooms and message boards in hopes of getting to take on these BayLifers. In the end though it was Christian F, Kyle L, Eric T, and Curtis B who managed to impress the famed Pro League players.

For more ways to play and for your chance to compete in up and coming GameSpot Versus Beat the Pros events be sure to check in with the GameSpot Players Network.

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Better clear my schedule for the day so I can watch strangers play Halo and Call of Duty on Youtube for the next 4 hours.