GameSpot UK BAFTA Prediction Results

Forget the actual award winners--who was victorious in GameSpot UK's first-ever BAFTA video game award predictions?

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Last week, the GameSpot UK team made its first-ever BAFTA video game awards predictions. What was at stake? Apart from the honour and glory of winning, the loser would have to make a cake for the rest of the team.

So, how did we do? Here's the tally for the most correct guesses across the 16 categories:
Guy - 10
Mark - 6
Jane - 5
Seb - 4

That means that Seb will be donning the apron and baking something magnificent for the rest of the team. We'll post the tasty, tasty results on the GameSpot UK Facebook page next week. For the full BAFTA results discussion, be sure to check out this week's episode of The GameSpot UK Podcast. And for our report from the event itself, check out the video below.

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