GameSpot GamePlay Episode 30: The Beefy Center of your Meat Arsenal

A Valley Without Wind 2 developer Chris Park joins us to discuss the PlayStation 4, our fondest memories of 1UP and GameSpy, and the emotional weight of hot dogs.

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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 30: The Beefy Center of your Meat Arsenal

Chris Park at Arcen Games knows a lot about making games, having made a number of them himself. He shares his thoughts on the PlayStation 4 hardware, the future of console indie development, and his favorite episode of Blue's Clues. Host Kevin VanOrd chimes in on the deliciousness of dog biscuits; Tom Mc Shea forgets that Wonder Woman isn't real; Shaun McInnis explains the charms of Geodude; and Chris Watters muses on the personal pleasures of modern teleprompters.

We also honor beloved publications 1UP and GameSpy, as well as our friends at IGN. It was a hard week for our colleagues, and we salute them.

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