GameSpot Fuse FAQ

With GameSpot Fuse, you can track, share, and compare your GameSpot, Xbox 360, and PC achievements. Find out more!

GameSpot Fuse will connect many aspects of your gaming life, including your gameplay achievements and activity on the GameSpot site.

Some questions you may have about GameSpot Fuse:

1) What does GameSpot Fuse do?

GameSpot Fuse is in its early days, and what we're adding right now is the ability to track your achievements, compare your progress with friends, and show off the achievements you've unlocked on GameSpot and on major gaming services.

A look at the user profile achievement stats page.

2) Why the beta release for GameSpot Fuse?

We couldn't wait to share some of what we've been working on and get feedback. The public beta is your chance to get an early look at new features, put them to use, and have a voice in shaping the future of GameSpot Fuse. There's much more to GameSpot Fuse that we're still working on behind the scenes, and we can make significant changes based on what we hear from GameSpot members. Let us know what you think!

3) How do I sign up for GameSpot Fuse?

GameSpot Fuse creates a connection between the basic free account on GameSpot (necessary for unlocking emblems on our site) and a free account with our partner Raptr, which tracks achievements unlocked in video games. If you're new to both GameSpot and Raptr, we've unified our account creation process so you can sign up as easily as possible. If you're already a GameSpot member, you can upgrade your account right here to connect with a free Raptr account.

4) What gaming services does GameSpot Fuse support?

We are launching the beta with the game data currently available through Raptr, which includes services such as Xbox Live, Steam, World of Warcraft, and Games for Windows - Live. PlayStation 3 support is not currently available, but rest assured that we're working to connect as many services as possible.

5) Did my emblems shrink in size?

Just a little bit. We've shrunk down emblems so they're the same size as achievements. Don't worry--they're still just as valuable!

6) How are emblem/achievement rarities determined?

Emblem rarities are determined by the number of GameSpot members who currently have each particular emblem--the fewer who have it, the rarer it is. The rarity of each game achievement is determined by the percentage of GameSpot Fuse members who have played that game and earned that achievement.

7) What is the 100% Club?

Each game has a 100% Club that is reserved for the best of the best--any GameSpot Fuse member who unlocks all the achievements for a game is granted entrance into this hall of champions. Besides the respect of your peers, there aren't currently any rewards for attaining this vaunted status, but don't worry--this will change! Note that when an expansion pack comes out for a game, those achievements are added to the original game's list--so you might be in the 100% Club and then have to re-earn your membership by playing the expansion.

8) How do I add friends to compare my achievements with them?

If you track a user on GameSpot and the user follows you back, you are GameSpot friends. Any GameSpot friends who have added GameSpot Fuse data to their accounts will show up as friends for comparison. If you don't see a GameSpot friend in your comparison pulldown, tell that friend to stop hiding!

9) What other features are in the works for GameSpot Fuse?

We wish we could tell you, but it's all top secret right now. Join the GameSpot Fuse beta, and you'll be the first to know when we add new features.

10) My Xbox 360 achievements are missing on both GameSpot and Raptr. What's going on?

In order to track your achievements, your Xbox Live profile must be accessible to everyone. Detailed instructions on how to change this can be found here.

11) How can I submit feedback or report bugs?

Your feedback is important to us, and we've love to hear what you think about GameSpot Fuse. If you'd like to submit feedback, or you've found any bugs, please let us know in the GameSpot Fuse forum!

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