GameSpot AU's Splinter Cell: Conviction event photo gallery!

GameSpot AU teamed up with Ubisoft this week to host a special Splinter Cell: Conviction beer and pizza night in Sydney to coincide with the game's release. Check out our photos from the event!


Last night a handful of very lucky GameSpot AU competition winners attended a prelaunch event in Sydney for Ubisoft's upcoming Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Held in a warehouse space in Ultimo, competition winners had the chance to play the game, watch preview trailers, and mingle with Ubisoft and GameSpot AU members among a steady flow of food and drinks.

The night ended with a raffle, with three lucky GameSpotters winning copies of the game and some cool Splinter Cell merch.

Check out our photo gallery from the event below!

GameSpotters begin to line up outside, ready for some beer and stealth action.

Bright lights and a smoke machine set the party atmosphere.

Punters get some hands-on time with Splinter Cell: Conviction on the Xbox 360.

GameSpotters round 1.

GameSpotters round 2.

GameSpotters round 3.

GameSpotters round…wait, are those girls? Am I in the wrong photo gallery?

Split-screen action is a hit on the night.

Finally! The pizza arrives and is well received.

It wasn't just about playing games; the crowd took some time to get acquainted with one another.

Koz gets up close and personal with the GameSpot AU community--keep an eye on Crosshairs for our upcoming video interviews from the night.

Everyone wants a piece of Koz!

Dan gets ready to introduce the Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer.

Ubisoft even brought in a couple of decked out cars, complete with Splinter Cell logos. Sadly, these babies weren't hands-on.



I am on the picture, I am famous now hooah


April 13th couldn't come any sooner!


It's a shame that is not translated with latin voices, i don't like at all the spanish from spain voice D: actually i kinda hate it :/


Im so looking forward to this game


fun night and I made the game crash but disappointed you guys didnt get the hired goons to beat up my friend when I blamed it on him


It was a great night and an even greater game than i thought! Absolutely love the co-op! Cant wait to play it on my 40" & 5.1