GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 4: Crossing the Golden Line Edition

We focus on Spec Ops: The Line, the new bits of Persona 4 The Golden, and some Nintendo 3DS XL/Smash Bros. news on Asia's sole video game podcast.

I have to say that Spec Ops: The Line seems like a generic shooter, but its narrative is something other developers should tackle more. For this week's episode of Asia's sole video game podcast, I'm joined by SG Café freelancer Sim Cheng Kai as we tag-team our way through a bunch of titles this week.

We also bring up a bit of news ranging from Nintendo's past announcement about the new 3DS and Super Smash Bros., to something inane like a cafe modeled after a particular Capcom survival horror franchise.

Download the podcast here if you prefer it in the confines of your preferred music-playing device. Below are the timestamps of each topic for reference.

1:37 - Persona 4 The Golden
9:02 - Dragon's Dogma
12:29 - Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
17:30 - Spec Ops: The Line
23:51 - Gravity Rush
30:53 - Intermission
32:00 - News

Also, I am aware of my retro-blunder at 1:02. I don't know why "Bruce" came out instead of "Billy." You can comment about that as well as give your feedback on the show below.

Intro and end theme: PenPal by Anamanaguchi

Intermission song: Super Mario Bros. 2 Gypsy Jazz OC ReMix by Adrian Holovaty

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sure, the combat is "hit or miss" and the sliding can be difficult.  but only if you suck at it.  I didn't have those problems


How was Gravity Rush gimmicky? Lol the Vita features actually made sense instead of Uncharted Golden Abyss lol



are you trying to say that this game is gimmicky?

Sorry dude but give up already I dont care what you tell me or others

you havent played the game and you should just keep your mouth shot


 @Gelugon_baat only if you agree with it. tell me, have you actually played the game?  I'm betting not. Trollhunter2 & I have (me twice) so our opinions of the game are more valid than yours that you got from listening to GS & IGN alone (since every other review loved the game)