GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 2: Diablo III Hellstravaganza

This week's show is about a particular hellish action RPG that made headlines on May 15; stay awhile and listen to what we have to say.

Yes, I know "hellstravaganza" isn't a real word, but we were really stoked and excited about talking about the clickfest known as Diablo III. And by "we," I mean GameSpot Australia's Randolph Ramsay, CNet Asia's Aloysius Low, and yours truly, GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad.

After 11:46 (we did play other games, albeit briefly), we talk about our adventures on the various acts, our characters of choice, how the Southeast Asian launch worked out, and also about some spoilers concerning the game's story at 44:54, so do not go beyond that timestamp if you wish to preserve your Diablo III story experience.

Unless you have some vendetta against action RPGs, this is definitely the podcast you should tune in to and download onto your music-playing devices.

So what are your favorite Diablo III moments? What are your favorite characters and skill setups? What do you think of the show, now that we're two episodes in? Send your thoughts below.

PS: In case you didn't know about the GSL StarCraft II match we talked about at 23:51, check this link to the video.

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Hello, Im a Bangkokian (Thailand)  here! Really interested in listening to the podcast, especially since TheHotSpot is gone.  Wondering where i can get the RSS feed, so i can listen on my android?






Am I the only one who thought the clicking sound kinda sounded like something else?


"This week on Asia Beats, we vanquish evil the only way we know how: *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*"




Good Podcast! 

I must say I am quite proud of my fellow Malaysian -Jonathan!