GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 17: Objection May Cry to Infinity

Southeast Asia’s best video gaming podcast continues with more game-talk geekery with Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, DMC, and Disney Infinity.

We march on through the remaining weeks of January to talk about games and nothing but on this new episode of the GameSpot Asia Beat. GameSpot’s Jonathan Toyad and Randolph Ramsay, together with SGCafe writer Sim Cheng Kai, bring up the Level-5/Capcom crossover adventure title Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney for the 3DS, the Devil May Cry reboot, that one Disney game that is kinda similar to Skylanders, and a lot more news that happened this week.

On with the show!

Download the podcast here. Time stamps are below for your reference:

1:28 – GameSpot’s Jonathan Toyad’s appearance on the 938Live Sports Zone segment in Singapore.
3:40 – Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
13:11 – DMC: Devil May Cry
19:14 – Time Surfer and Temple Run 2
21:59 – Intermission: “PaNic AttaCk’ by Blue Magic (Sonic 3D Blast cover)
22:58 – Disney Infinity
30:13 – PS4 speculations based on Digital Foundry’s article
34:00 – Blizzard Diablo III director Jay Wilson stepped down
37:56 – Killer is Dead
41:34 – Former Sony Liverpool devs form Sawfly Studios.

What are your thoughts on the new Devil May Cry? Which IPs do you wish to see come to fruition on Disney Infinity? Tell us your comments on the box below.

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The new DmC is actually good.  There is more of a story despite character issues, the environments is awesome, most of the basics of the previous games is there, nice weapons, can do insane combos, and fun platforming.  The game maybe a bit too easy; but the fun is there.  I agree that Ninja Theory was trying too hard to make Dante sound cool, because it felt like it was being forced.  I thought the ability to lock on would have made the combat system less clumsy; because you will be able to pick out the enemies that would get in the way of your combo flow quickly and more efficiently.  It was also nice to see that the camera didn't make playing difficult as well.  DmC is a very good game. 


@vengefulwilberg I agree but the problem is that if you compare it with how good the hypothetical DMC5 coud've been, DmC is crap. If only for the lack of styles and taunts.



I know right.  I am glad to see that there are still open minded players out there.  I understand that some fans feel change is a threat or too many changes can result in terrible decisions; however people shouldn't forget the fact that it is a reboot.  And to me this reboot is great.  Some say a reboot isn't necessary and I would have agreed with them if the story of the series wasn't so backwards and full of holes.  The only story that really felt good was DMC 1.  DMC 3 was great; but the story was lacking due to the fact that Dante spent ninety percent of the story showing everyone how bad ass he is.    



That's were the problem comes in.  Some fans fail to realize that Ninja Theory and Capcom are two different companies with completely different styles.  Bringing two developers together is like mixing oil and water.  Ninja Theory probably wouldn't have done so well trying to completely replicate what has already been done due to their lack of DMC experience, different vision for the outsourced material, and difference in combat style.  

Capcom outsourced the DMC concept to Ninja Theory and wanted them to do something different with it.  To me Ninja Theory attempted to create a combat system that is noticeably similar to the previous games in SOME ways, adding a few additional combat ideas, and incorporated their impressive environmental design skills.  I don't care much for taunts and styles were dropped in order to allow players to swap between ALL weapons on the fly.  The idea of using all of the weapons was cool due to the fact that you don't need to pause the game for anything.  Plus the training mode was a nice addition as well. 

I am no Ninja Theory fan.  I am not fond of everything they have done; however they did well with what they had and wanted to do.  The environmental design and platforming also worked well with the whole DMC concept.  Instead of seeing this as a DMC 5 fans should look at this as another game.  This game is a reboot after all.



I kinda sad that there are fans that was so upset over the look.  I can understand them getting upset over the original design back on the 2010 reveal.  In the video game world some developers forget that making a good first impression is very important; but Ninja Theory did drop the ball on that.  Ninja Theory made the new Dante look way better than 2010 reveal; but the damage has already been done.  I wasn't a fan of the look either; but I didn't let the inner fan take over.  After playing DmC the new look didn't bother me as much.  The edgy tone of the story kinda fits the new Dante design.