Gamescom 2014: DayZ Confirmed for PS4

The PC survival-horror game is coming to at least one console.

The very successful survival-horror game DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4, it was confirmed today during Sony's Gamescom press conference.

Creator Dean Hall took to the stage during Sony's event in Germany to make the announcement. Little about this version of the game was revealed; there was no release date mentioned, and given the lack of the word "exclusive" being mentioned, it sounds as if it may also come to Xbox One.

Hall said developer Bohemia Interactive is "acutely aware of how important the PC version is to us." He noted the studio "didn't want to just port DayZ" to consoles, but wants to take advantage of each platform's respective strengths. He didn't provide any further detail about what that will mean for the console versions of the game.

This isn't the first time the prospect of DayZ for consoles has been brought up. When Hall discussed the idea earlier this year, he said he had spoken to Microsoft about bringing it to Xbox One, but that he had yet to do the same with Sony for PS4--a situation that's obviously changed since then.

We'll have more on the console versions of DayZ as we hear it.

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