Gamers Get Clawed

GameStorm picks up Claw plus more.

GameStorm members can now play Monolith Productions' action-adventure title Claw on the GameStorm online gaming site. Kesmai and Engage games announced the availability of that game, along with other family-oriented titles such as Catchword and Classic Cards, on GameStorm.

In Claw, players are challenged to help feline pirate Captain Claw escape from the Cocker Spaniards and find the missing gems of the Amulet of Nine Lives.

Other Engage games that GameStorm features or will soon feature include Rolemaster: MageStorm, Darkness Falls, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Virtual Pool, Diablo, Descent, Castles II, Bladelands, Caesar's Palace Casino, U.S. Chess Federation, and Improv Trivia.

The US$9.95 monthly fee for GameStorm includes unlimited play on those titles.

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