Gamers documentary now on DVD

The feature-length documentary that follows two Counter-Strike clans' preparations for the 2002 Summer CPL competition can now be ordered online.

Gamers, a feature-length documentary looking at competitive gaming and its effect on dedicated players, is now available for order on The film's first public screening will be on August 1 at the Summer 2003 CPL Championships, and the $15 DVDs will start shipping on August 3.

The film tells the stories of two Counter-Strike clans--the top-ranked The Speakeasy Offensive and the underdogs, Second 2 None--in their bid to win last summer's CPL competition. The film also looks at the relationships that players form through the game and includes interviews with one of Counter-Strike's creators, Jess Cliffe, GameSpot's own Greg Kasavin, and CPL founder Angel Munoz.

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