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The "Honorable Mentions" have evolved into the Top 1,000! Congrats reviewers.

Rage Reviews

dark_being [7.5 - Good] Rage is a fun first-person shooter, but some gameplay limitations and the various visual bugs mar the experience.
bowlingotter [7.0 good] Rage might not be what we'd hoped, but it's a solid ride. That said, the PC is not the platform to play it on.
nutcrackr [6.5 - Fair] Fails with narrative, variety, replay value and ambition. Technical problems at launch didn't help.

Top 100

-Tomb Raider: Underworld
JustPlainLucas [6.0 - Fair] Lara Croft is beginning to feel as ancient as the relics she hunts for.
-Galactic Civilizations
Gelugon_baat [8.5 - Great] Galactic Civilizations is the beginning of a surprisingly excellent space-empire-building franchise.
-Garshasp: The Monster Slayer
Domstercool [5.0 - Mediocre] God of War style Persian mythology? I'm up for that, just a shame that Garshasp has too many problems to be good.
-Sideway: New York
asian_pride69 [8.0 - Great] Sideway is a unique, creative take on the platforming genre while managing to still feel familiar.
stephenage [9.0 - Superb] This modern day classic is a beautiful and engaging adventure game that will keep you engaged for hours on end
-Kirby Mass Attack
Pierst179 [9.0 - Superb] Ten times the Kirbys, ten times the cuteness, ten times the fun

Top 500

-Rondo of Swords
GeekyDad [7.0 - Good] Broken But Not Beaten
-Max Payne
Azghouls [8.5 - Great] Max Payne: The Art of Storytelling.
Cunhao [9.5 - Superb] With an undeniable charm and beauty, is easy to fall in love with this simple but amazing game.
-River King: Mystic Valley
Daavpuke [6.0 - Fair] A casual pick-up.
-LittleBigPlanet 2
kbaily [9.5 - Superb] I just can't seem to get enough Sackboy.
-ICO and Shadow Collection
TheKungFool [9.5 - Superb] Sometimes less is more.

Top 1,000

-Deus Ex: Human Revolution
pokecharm [9.5 - Superb] Spectacular Visuals Accompanied by a Solid Story Make a Deus Ex a Great Game
turtlethetaffer [9.0 - Superb] An insanley fun and original TPS, Vanquish is a game made with skill and care.

Platform Battle: Dead Rising 2 - Off the Record

This week, we take a look at Dead Rising 2 - Off the Record. Which played it better? PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360: PS3 is represented by vengefulwilberg versus X360 is represented by IgotEpixx. Cast your vote in the comments below. The winning team will receive profile points!

Top 10 Games Out Now

1-Batman: Arkham City
Pierce_Sparrow [9.0 - Superb] Tops Arkham Asylum In Every Way
2-Dark Souls
HailToTheGun [9.5 - Superb] There is no greater feeling of accomplishment in games than there is when playing Dark Souls.
3-Batman: Arkham City
PeterDuck [9.0 - Superb] Evidently…I am batmaaaaaaaan.
4-Might and Magic: Heroes VI
ecilam [9.5 - Superb] If you loved HOMMV, you will love this one.
5-Forza Motorsport 4
Kael555 [9.5 - Superb] Turn 10 Studios return with an awesome sequel of Forza Motorsport 3!
Blue_Tomato [7.0 - Good] Old school game optimized for aging consoles
7-Dark Souls
TheGreyArea [9.0 - Superb] Wow. This certainly taught me a lesson
8-Gears of War 3
Warheart1188 [9.5 - Superb] The Gears of War franchise gets a fitting and satisfying end with plenty of left overs.
Mandalorian_81 [8.5 - Great] Rediculously good visuals and a hell of a lot to do make this game and easily playable fun fest.
10-FIFA Soccer 12
nmenezes92 [8.5 - Great] This is one of the best, if not the very best, Soccer game out yet!! A must play for all soccer fans!

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@Synthia - wait, then who is that woman behind the curtain? and what are all these flying monkeys doing in my office... and this blog is 'rage-ful' :)


@IgotEpixx You wrote a nice review of Dead Rising 2: OTR. Congrats.


@Synthia Thanks again. Congrats to all of the other people mentioned as well. There are a lot of great writers here.


Thanks for the mention, and @Sebadonut, thank you very much!


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wow, always amazes me what great writers are hiding here on gamespot. particulary enjoyed the Okami review by stephenage, really well written. oh and I vote for the 360 DR:OTR review


wait, are we voting on which review is better, or which review says which game is better? Either way, I feel like I have to vote XBOX since I have DR2 on XBOX, that makes sense to me :) and thanks for the shout-out :)