GameFlicks: Solid Snakes

In this week's GameFlicks we check out some new videos, some classics, and some submissions for last week's Big Shot Bounty.

New Releases: Rage

-Rage Review
GameSpot fan UnionJackGaming posted this video in response to GameSpot's review of Rage. "RAGE, the first major release title from id Software since Doom 3 has been in the making since 2008 and has finally been released to gamers. The question is, is it a amazing polished id game or will it make you RAGE? Watch the review to find out!"
-Rage "Like a Boss"
Here we see gameplay of a boss battle for Rage.


jlhatland87 posted this video on our GameSpot channel saying: "This game is so F****** funny and brutal! KILL THE ORCS!! The game is Warhammer 40K: Space Marines."
-The Best Of xQuimbo
GameSpot fan MrTommy8100 posted the following video in response to our COD: Black Ops video: "The Best Of xQuimbo what we got recorded, enjoy this video."
-Rusty Hooknail's Metal Gear Something: Episode 3
RustyHooknai shares this video titled:"Everything Snake loves explodes in the thrilling third episode of the timeless saga."
-Max Payne Gameplay
GameSpotter Azghouls shows us this video about finding the secret room in the training grounds in Max Payne.
-Forza 4
GameSpot fan A0Gaming shared this Forza 4 Audi R8 gameplay video with us. Enjoy.
-F1 2011 Gameplay Melbourne Ferrari
GameSpot fan AllForUGaming shared this video with our GameSpot channel. "Check out this gameplay clip from F1 2011 of a time trial lap behind the wheel of a Ferrari car, Racing at Melbourne Grand Prix. New Gameplay from F1 2011. Melbourne Grand Prix Gameplay. F1 2011."
-Soul Calibur II Playthrough: Link
GameSpotter nintendoboy takes us on a playthrough of Soul Calibur II as Link.
-Dead rising 2 off-the-record funny gameplay HD
GameSpot fan michaelpro11 posted this Dead Rising video in response to one of GameSpot's videos. Some hilarious gameplay is seen here.

Off the Wall

-Metal Gear Solid 4 - Diamond Eyes (Music Fanvid)
A fanvid music video by Meconate posted in response to the Big Shot Bounty "In Love with a Snake."
GameSpot fan MyFunnyBrianShow shares his funny video about Little Big Planet 2.


-Metal Gear Solid: Urban Legend Stories
GameSpotter Gamer_4_Fun made this fantastic Metal Gear Solid video.
-FFVII--Death of Ruby Weapon
GameSpotter N-REAL takes on the big, the bad, and the red! The infamous ruby weapon!
-How to create a human cannon
GameSpotter kerk12 shows us how to create a human cannon in Minecraft.
-Mortal Kombat - Fatality Madness
GameSpotter GaminiEntity shares some classic Mortal Kombat fatality action.

Big Shot Bounty: Cosplay Contest

In this week's Big Shot Bounty we're giving away some awesome Final Fantasy collectible figures.

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Good job to those up there.


Man, when I saw Max Payne, I was wondering what was that all about. It was mine! lol - thanks!


I've cosplayed L from Death Note before but alas that won't count for this.


You forgot the number in my name. :P Well, thanks for showing off my video anyway. :)