GameFlicks: Future War

This week, we feature Battlefield 3 videos, GameSpot classics, and staff videos!

It's time again for a look at our GameSpot Spotlight YouTube Channel! This is where the truly talented can share their vision with the community of GameSpot along with the rest of YouTube!

Life Is a Battlefield

Here, we see some awesome videos from the Battlefield 3 beta.
-Battlefield 3 Beta Multiplayer Gameplay
-Battlefield 3 - The Entrance Hall
-Battlefield 3 - BETA Gameplay ( Sniping )
-BattleFeild 3 Beta - Nice Killstreak

Games, Games, and More Games!

Sometimes we just need some good old-fashioned gaming!
-Mortal Kombat
-Gears of War 3's Campaign: Review
-Gears Of War 3 Doms Fate
-DeLorean review - Driver San Francisco
-BLACK OPS random triple kill!
-August Pick-Ups Collection Set up
-A Little Bit Of Red Orchestra 2
-PS3 Contents, ooh la la

GameSpot Classics


These are some of the classic videos from our GameSpot Spotlight.
-Super Meat Boy Skills
-Fruit Ninja Kinect
-Portal 2 Impressions

GameSpot Staff


Here, we see GameSpot staff members in their natural habitats. Let's watch, shall we?
-GameSpot on Xenoblade
-My Little PWNies

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