Gamebryo engine chosen for Zoo Tycoon 2

NDL announces that Blue Fang Games is using its Gamebryo real-time 3D graphics engine in the development of Zoo Tycoon 2.

NDL today announced from the Game Developers Conference that its Gamebryo real-time 3D graphics engine has been chosen by Blue Fang Games for Zoo Tycoon 2. Gamebryo provides the graphics engine and tools to help developers generate 3D graphics without having to sacrifice development that's better spent creating compelling content and gameplay.

"Gamebryo assists our engineers and artists to quickly implement new graphic features into the game," said John Wheeler, vice president of software development at Blue Fang Games. "With NDL's technology and dedicated support team, we're able to spend more time creating a truly unique environment with great gameplay and content."

Zoo Tycoon 2 is currently scheduled for release this fall.

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