Game On Battlefield 3: GameSpot vs. Origin

GameSpot staff members are hard at work fine-tuning their first-person shooter skills as they ready themselves to go up against the fine folks at Origin.

Battlefield 3 fans will be excited to see GameSpot going up against the folks at Origin. Support your GameSpot staff and save the date (Friday, December 16 by cheering on the fragging stylings of GameSpot staff Shaun McInnis and Chris Waters, as well as the legendary shooting skills of Ryan MacDonald and many more. We'll also have appearances by Maxwell McGee and Kevin VanOrd.

Why cheer us on if we already have so much talent? If GameSpot wins, we'll get double the number of codes for some Battlefield 3 games and prizes, effectively increasing your chances! So be sure to tune in for a chance at Battlefield 3 downloadable content!

As a bonus activity and for a chance to get a boost to your profile level, check out this poll activity in the Competitions and Activities forum.

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

What the heck...? The first link leads to the "Skyrim Spoilercast" HotSpot podcast. It's the OTS page but the video is for the HotSpot.


This looks interesting, December 16th marked :) Lol @-Saigo- 's comment :lol:


Go team go! Hopefully you play against Origin's customer service--they're useless.