Galaxy Andromeda reborn as Nexus

Dutch publisher salvages Mithis Games' sci-fi strategy title from development oblivion.

When a debt-burdened CDV jettisoned Galaxy Andromeda earlier this year, it looked like Mithis' sci-fi strategy game was lost in space. But Amsterdam-based publisher HD Interactive announced today it will publish the game under a new name--Nexus. "Nexus is a true gamers’ game," said HD managing director Mike Klumper in a statement, "I was amazed by what I saw of the early code of Nexus. I was blown away by it and we are extremely proud to add this beautiful title to our portfolio."

Nexus was originally scheduled for release in 2001, back when it was called Imperium Galactica III and was being developed by Philos Laboratories. Despite the corporate shifting, release delays, and title changes, the game remains largely the same 3-D RTS. GameSpot's E3 2003 preview offers details on Nexus' gameplay and scenario, and a demo of Imperium Galactica III is also available.

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