Galactic Civilizations beta available next week

Stardock will release a beta version of its upcoming space strategy game on Monday to those who have preordered the game from the official Web site. Screenshots inside.

Stardock has announced that it will release a beta version of Galactic Civilizations, its upcoming space empire strategy game, this Monday to those who have preordered the game from the official Web site. According to Stardock, the five-month beta test will let the developer implement features and suggestions from players before the game is released in early 2003. During the beta test, Stardock will be accepting player-submitted starships, technologies, social projects, space anomalies, and other game content.

Galactic Civilizations is set in the 23rd century. Players will assume the role of a leader of humankind's expansion into the galaxy, and they will have to compete against up to five other computer-controlled races for control of territory. The game includes a number of innovative features, such as a unit lease program, a heavy emphasis on diplomatic options, multiple victory conditions, and a variety of random events. In addition, the game will be able to download strategies from top players to automatically improve its artificial intelligence. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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