Funcom layoffs, Midgard on hold

The Norwegian game company puts some employees on leave and focuses on Anarchy Online, its massively multiplayer role-playing game.


Norwegian game developer and publisher Funcom has placed approximately 30 of its 150 employees on temporary leave and placed its upcoming medieval online role-playing game Midgard on hold while it focuses on Anarchy Online, its sci-fi massively multiplayer role-playing game, according to a company representative. The Funcom employees affected by the lay-offs retain their employee status and are paid 80 percent of their salary by the Norwegian government. Funcom plans to bring the employees back in the next few months. All the remaining developers that were working on Midgard have been reassigned to work full-time on Anarchy Online in order to ensure the game's success.

Anarchy Online was launched in June 2001. Funcom recently announced a 2829071re-evaluation offer in order to entice customers back to the game that had left. For more information about Anarchy Online, read our full review of the game. To learn more about Midgard, take a look at our full review . No official release date has been announced for Midgard.