Funcom announces Anarchy Online release date

The online role-playing game will be available in North America next month.

Funcom today announced that it will release its upcoming online role-playing game Anarchy Online on June 27. It will be the first new online role-playing game released since late 1999, and it will compete against the three major existing online role-playing games--EA's Ultima Online, Sony's EverQuest, and Microsoft's Asheron's Call. Anarchy Online is set in the future on a remote planet torn by a war between a powerful military regime and the planet's rebel faction. Players can choose to join one of the factions or strike out on their own as a lone adventurer.

Anarchy Online is nearing the end of beta testing, and it has been in development at Funcom since 1996. For more information, take a look at our in-depth previews of the game.

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