Full Spectrum Warrior to storm the PlayStation 2

In case you missed it on the PC and Xbox, THQ and Pandemic are bringing their Army-approved combat sim to Sony's console next March.

Originally designed as a training simulator for the US Army by Pandemic Studios, Full Spectrum Warrior has proven to be a civilian success on the Xbox and PC. However, the game apparently has one more platform to storm. As part of its earnings announcement today, THQ announced that it is planning a PlayStation 2 version of the combat game, set for release in March 2005.

Full Spectrum Warrior puts players in charge of a squad of GIs sent into an eerily Iraq-like urban war zone. Instead of firing at the enemy themselves, players will command the squad's two fire teams to engage the enemy using a variety of tactics. Both the Xbox and PC versions of the game have proven popular, and full reviews of both can be read on GameSpot.

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