Full Spectrum Warrior ships for PC

THQ and Pandemic order the PC version of their tactical-command shooter to stores.

Having already conquered Xboxes, Full Spectrum Warrior is now set to assault the ultimate game machine--the PC. THQ shipped the port of its tactical strategy game, which puts players in the boots of a US Army squad commander fighting in an Iraq-esque urban conflict. While the players do no actual shooting themselves, they do direct their soldiers to engage the enemy, with literally explosive results.

Originally designed as an Xbox simulator for the Army, Full Spectrum Warrior has several new features on the PC. Besides two exclusive bonus levels, the game will sport enhanced graphics, and "an intuitive keyboard/mouse control scheme that has been optimized for PC gamers," according to THQ. The PC version is also $10 cheaper than the Xbox edition, which costs just $39.99.

GameSpot's review of Full Spectrum Warrior for the PC will be up later this week. For current recon on the game, scope out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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