Front Mission to be ported to PlayStation

The original Front Mission for the SNES is being ported to the PlayStation.

Square Enix has revealed in the latest issue of Shonen Jump that it will be porting the original Front Mission to the Sony PlayStation as Front Mission 1st.

Front Mission was originally released on the Nintendo SNES in 1995. The simulation RPG is set in the year 2090, a time when two major world powers, the OCU (Oceana Community Union) and the USN (United States of New Continent), are in conflict. The player assumes the role of a member of the OCU named Lloyd and battles against the USN using bipedal mechs.

The PlayStation port of Front Mission will have an additional scenario for the USN side, as well as a new main character named Kevin Greenfield. The USN story begins after Kevin fails a mission as a commander and is reassigned to a special department that is in the middle of a top-secret project. Played in conjunction with the original OCU scenario, the new USN scenario will bring light to a number of new story elements in the game.

Yoshitaka Amano will provide the illustrations for Front Mission 1st. The game is scheduled for release in October in Japan.

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