Front Mission Online beta ending soon

Square Enix to halt testing of Front Mission Online in preparation for its commercial launch next month in Japan.

TOKYO--Square Enix said today that the open beta test for Front Mission Online will end on April 30. The game will begin commercial services starting on May 12. After that date, beta testers will be able to continue playing with their characters' names, looks, and associated camps intact. However, their levels and inventories will be reset.

Front Mission Online takes a big leap from previous installments in the Front Mission series, as it's a tactical action role-playing game where the player controls a Wanzer mech and fights in 3D fields. The game takes places in the same setting as Front Mission 1st, and players take the role of a Wanzer pilot fighting for either the O.C.U. or the U.S.N. during the Second Huffman Conflict.

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