From Software acquires Tenchu brand

Activision sells all future rights to the Tenchu series to From Software.

TOKYO--From Software announced today that it has acquired the worldwide trademark and copyright to the Tenchu series from Activision. Japan-based From Software will be handling all development and sales of future Tenchu games. The agreement, however, does not cover rights to Tenchu game releases prior to Tenchu 3. From Software’s partner companies will distribute future releases of the Tenchu series, including the upcoming Tenchu Kurenai, overseas.

The company also plans to release the Tenchu brand in other formats besides games, although no other specific plans or details have been announced.

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It's a great stealth game but the enemy A.I. is a little bit mediocre too.


oooh yea first comment. Wow, i hope they just as good a job as K2 on Wrath of Heaven.