From M.C. Escher to Drunken Robot Pornography: The Best Indie Games of PAX East

Couldn't make it to PAX East? Here's our video roundup of the best (and occasionally strangest) indie games from this year's show.

The best part about a show like PAX East is that it allows us the opportunity to forget about the big publishers for a moment and explore the wild frontier of indie games. And boy were there some great indie titles on display at PAX East this year. Take a look:

First-person games that couldn't be further from Call of Duty

My favorite part of this video is that it shows just how much you can do with first-person games when you step outside the world of plain old shooters. On the one end, you get a thoroughly cerebral and mind-bending experience like Antichamber, in which you're basically walking through a twisted M.C. Escher drawing. And on the other end, there's an arena combat game simply called Drunken Robot Pornography. That, friends, is called variety.

2D action games that will make you forget all about your old Nintendo

The 2D platformer has undergone quite a renaissance over the past few years, and this crop of games proves that fast-paced action games are ready to get in on the fun too. This video showcases our personal favorite game of the show, Super TIME Force, a shooter that features a mechanic I've taken to calling "post-death time travel co-op." Give it a watch. It makes far more sense in the video.

Puzzle games that will give your brain the beating of a lifetime

I don't know if there's much I can say about these puzzle games besides this: bouncy elephants. Oh, and also: obsessive-compulsive lawn mowing. Oh, and did I mention shape-shifting between three and four dimensions? Yeah. There's some crazy stuff going on in these puzzle games.

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So basically Guacamelee is a brawler version of Outland. I'll probably get it anyways whenever it releases because Drinkbox made the Tales From Space series, and I always want more variety for more Vita. It's been lacking in awesome platformers recently.