Friday Wrap-Up: A PAX Upon Thee!

Weekly Wrap-Up.

Time for the Friday wrap-up! In case you missed the news and are wondering what happened in the community this week, you can check out the following days.

- Monday: Manic!

- Tuesday: Blog Bunker - Soap Club

- Wednesday: Silver Screen

- Thursay: Rockin' Reviews

Wrap It Up

All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick Voting started Monday for this year's All-Time Greatest contest. You have a lot of people to go through, but you can start by voting on the 64 different characters who will enter the competition. There are 13 possible emblems for this year's contest as well as some pretty great prizes up for grabs. Character voting ends August 28, so to make sure your picks make it to the Bracket Selection stage, be sure to VOTE!

An Unreal Community Game Night On Wednesday we had our Community Game Night, and GameSpotters got a chance to take on JodyR, aka xpcali girl, at Unreal Tournament 2004. Who will the MVP be? Well, that is still being decided, and with Jody being in Seattle, we won't know until next week, so be sure to check back.

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on benleslie5 for his blog cheering those unsung sidekicks who didn't quite make it to the All-Time Greatest ranking. Benleslie has written several game reviews--his latest being his review on Bayonetta--and has contributed videos, like his 700th blog video. So three cheers for benleslie!

Union of the Week

For this week's Union of the Week we congratulate GreggD and the Castlevania Ultima Union! It originally started in January 2006, with humble beginnings, but has risen to greatness. Currently they have 704 users with new ones joining every month, and they are GameSpot endorsed. For more info on this union, you can check out Ranger siberian142's interview.

You've Been Spotted

In this week's You've Been Spotted we talk about zombies and zombies and…what else…more zombies! And more importantly, what people on Fuse, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter had to say about those zombies. Check out the video on our Spotlight Channel or right here on GameSpot.
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DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

@Super-Poke-Bros: Thats a really good idea! Thanks for the tip!


I've been spotted! :D ...hmm...for the next person to be spotted, you could put their avatar or something, draw a spotlight around it, then put the "!" mark on top from the Metal Gear Solid series :P 700 blogs is crazy!


Can't belive I'm on the memberspot light


Congrats to Benleslie and the Castlevania union!


and here I thought posting 100 regular blogs was impressive - 700 video blogs is pretty epic!! big ups!

Darthkaiser moderator moderator

700 Video Blogs :o