Free Halo 4 armor for those who watch debates on Xbox Live

Microsoft offering Avatar armor to gamers who watch at least 30 minutes of three presidential or vice-presidential debates through Xbox 360.

Presidential and vice-presidential debates begin this week for next month's United States election, and gamers seeking to score new outfits for their Avatars may want to tune in. Microsoft has announced a new promotion that rewards gamers who watch debates through Xbox Live with free Halo 4 Avatar armor.

Party lines don't matter for this promotion.

Interested gamers must join Microsoft's Xbox Live Rewards program, and watch at least 30 minutes of three of the four presidential and vice-presidential debates. The debate coverage will be available live through Xbox Live's Election 2012 Hub and will air at 9 p.m. EDT on October 3, October 11, October 16, and October 22.

Codes to download the Halo 4 Avatar armor will be distributed through email on or around November 1.

The Xbox Live Election 2012 Hub launched over the summer, and provided video streams of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Additionally, Microsoft again partnered with Rock the Vote to offer voter registration through the hub, which also features regular Obama and Romney campaign coverage.

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