Fox sends a cleaner in to handle Hitman movie?

Twitch reports that <i>Live Free or Die Hard</i> editor has been brought on board to tone down game-based movie; Fox says he's just consulting.


Hitman: Absolution

SIDEBAR: Earlier this week, action film site Twitch passed along some scuttlebutt it had picked up about Fox's upcoming film based on Eidos' Hitman games. According to Twitch, director Xavier Gens had turned in "an explicitly violent, very bloody cut of the film that apparently included a number of head shots and extreme gore moments…"

Sources had told the site that Fox balked at the cut, booted Gens from the film, and brought in editor Nicolas De Toth to cut together a toned-down, bloodless version of the film. According to Twitch, De Toth was responsible for the sanitized PG-13 cut of Live Free or Die Hard.

Twitch has since reported on another development in the story. Fox contacted the site to shoot down the earlier report, saying that De Toth had been brought on as a consultant--not an editor--and that Gens is still on board the project. They also said the film will be released with the previously expected R rating.

Hitman is scheduled for a November 21 US theatrical release, and stars Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Live Free or Die Hard) as the titular assassin, Agent 47.

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