Following Daylight, Zombie Studios Director Departs for eSports Company MLG

Jared Gerritzen joins MLG as its Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations.

eSports company MLG announced that it has hired former Zombie Studios’ Creative Studio Head Jared Gerritzen as its new Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations.

The news comes a little more than a month following the release of Zombie Studios’ Daylight, a first-person survival horror game that was received poorly by critics, including GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd.

Gerritzen worked at Zombie Studios for eight years, and most recently headed development for the free-to-play first-person shooter series Blacklight. In his new role, Gerritzen will focus on helping MLG’s partners take advantage of MLG: Play, a cross platform online gaming tournament system, and Hydra Studio, which provides developers with online services and tools on PC, iOS, Android, and Unity3D.

“I am excited to join the MLG team to help evangelize the brand within the industry and introduce new and existing partners to the power of MLG and eSports to extend the livelihood of their games and better engage with their communities,” Gerritzen said.

GameSpot’s review found that Daylight had a few scary moments, but that it suffered from terrible writing and storytelling. You can find the full review here.

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its mind BOGGLING that developers seem to miss the fact that games like RE1 and L4D and amnesia do so well with so little 

and they get it JUST right the right amount of zombies the right amount of weapons the right amount of horror 

and we see SH**T like dead island and last-light and pokemon zombie attack from outer space.....etc all huge games with trillions of dollars going into them and yet they are a bland stomach wrenching experiences


I guess that game didn't do too well.