Five Seconds to E3

It takes only 5 seconds!

Want to go to E3? Better yet, want to go to E3 and get flown out to Los Angeles, California, with a friend and have your hotel paid for? Of course you do! All you have to do is enter to win. It will take only 5 seconds! Klondike is giving you a chance to win a trip to one of the biggest gaming shows of the year, and entering is easy.

First, log in to your GameSpot account. Next, go to this page here and follow the instructions to enter. It takes only 5 seconds!

The prize is a trip for two to Los Angeles, California, during the week of E3. This includes flight, accommodations, and, of course, passes to E3 2012.

But you'll have to hurry, because the sweepstakes lasts only until May 7, 2012. The winner will be notified after the sweepstakes ends.

Good luck, and get clicking!
**No purchase necessary. See rules for more details.**

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US residents only! :( I'm Canadian dammit! :P

gbrading moderator

US residents only... :( Still, I'm going on holiday to Washington D.C. the week before E3, so I'm happy about that. :)


A choco taco sounds good right now. Way to go promotions department!!

vguy555 moderator

Too bad I still have school during E3. :(