First UT 2003 bonus pack coming tomorrow

A map pack from Digital Extremes will be out tomorrow, but Epic confirms that its larger bonus pack won't be out soon.

Infogrames has announced that a Digital Extremes-designed map pack for Unreal Tournament 2003 will be released tomorrow, sometime after 2pm EST. The map pack will include six new maps: three for deathmatch, two for capture the flag, and one for the bombing run game type. The map pack is expected to be a 195MB download.

Cliff Bleszinski of Epic told us that while Digital Extremes' bonus pack will be out soon, Epic's will not. Epic's 2908672bonus pack is expected to have more content, including three new game modes, a bunch of new maps, and new announcer voices. You can see some of the new Epic levels in the bonus pack movie 548608listed here .

We'll have the Digital Extremes bonus pack for download tomorrow and more details on the Epic content as they become available.

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