First Sleeping Dogs story DLC out October 30

Debut campaign expansion Nightmare in North Point landing later this month offering a "few hours' worth" of content; no price announced.


The first campaign expansion for Sleeping Dogs will arrive later this month, United Front Games and Square Enix announced at New York Comic-Con this weekend, Polygon reports. Titled Nightmare in North Point, the content will release October 30 and is Halloween-themed.

Nightmare in North Point follows the story of a member of the Triad who is tortured and killed only to return to life with a legion of undead at his side. Players will be tasked with taking down these supernatural beings as protagonist Wei Shen in the content that spans a "few hours."

No price or platforms for Nightmare in North Point were announced. The content is part of the previously announced October DLC release slate for Sleeping Dogs that includes a range of offerings, including new races, weapons, items, and missions.

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